Vacation in Rome


Why a website about Rome?

My name is Mats and Im the creator of this website. The idea to bukd a website about Rome was born one week after a vacation in Rome. Me and my partner both fell in love with the ancient city, both delighted with the atmosphere, the architecture and all the cultural sights together with excellent food and wine it was an experience that you would like to share.


About me

In addition to travel I like to cycling MTB and recently I have also started to interest me more for photography even though I'm just amateur.
(The images on this site are taken with a simple Canon Ixus 700). I also play some guitar and create music, read books ranging from entertainment to factt and of cause spend time with friends and family.

Extrude Interactive

I run a web agency named Extrude Interactive AB.

Although this site is a private project, I can't help making some advertising for our company. :-)

Extrude Interactive started in 1996 and currently has six employees, as well as a wide network of partners in web, advertising, marketing and media.

I am responsible the project management and spend much time keepng in contact with our customer and also finding creative solutions for our clients. In addition to traditional web development and web design, we also work with campaigns, web marketing and search engine optimization. For those who need extra help with their campaigns or websites we also produce different types of web games and other webentertainment. We also produce Apps for smartphones.

In addition to helping our customers with system development, primarily on the Windows platform with ASP, C #,. NET and MS SQL. We are also EPiServer Partners and deliver websites based on their content management. Other CMS that we work with is Umbraco, Drupal and Wordpress.

Our major customers include Sandvik, SIA GLass and Becel but we also work with smaller and medium sized businesses here in Gävle.

When it comes to web hosting, we often work with Interlan that is an IT consulting company located in Gävle. Many of our clients web solutions are hosted by Interlan


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In my Romguide you find various tips about Rome. for example, where to go shopping in rome where you can eat in Rome , what temperature it is in Rome, and you can also learn some Italian !



                                Rome the eternal city!